USB Analog and Digital IO Modules

LucidControl USB IO Modules

  • Data acquisition and control
  • Cost effective and flexible
  • Platform independent
  • Windows® and Linux
  • Compatible with RPi and Beagle Bone
  • Clippable on DIN-Rail
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  • Industrial & home automation
USB Digital Input Module

USB Digital Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4 / 8 digital inputs
  • For 5V, 10V and 24V signals
  • Opto insulated contacts
  • Counters and edge detectors
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USB Digital Output Module

USB Digital Output Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • Opto insulated option
  • 4 / 8 digital outputs
  • Relay module option
  • Pulse width modulation and timers
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  • Switching and power control applications
USB Analog Input Module

USB Analog Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • Measurement range options
  • 4 analog inputs
  • e.g. 0-10 V or 0-20mA
  • 14 bit resolution
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  • Acquisition of sensor signals
USB Analog Output Module

USB Analog Output Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4 analog outputs
  • Output range options
  • e.g. 0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA
  • 12 bit resolution
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  • 4 - 20 mA current interfaces
USB RTD Input Module for Pt100 / Pt1000 with 8 Channels

USB RTD Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4/8 Pt1000/Pt100 RTD inputs
  • Temperature range: -180 ~ 180 °C or 0 ~ 360°C
  • 0.1 °C resolution
  • Heat control applications
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  • Logging of temperatures

What are the USB Digital IO Modules being used for?

LucidControl USB IO modules the modular control and data acquisition system

The LucidControl product family contains two types of modules for acquiring and controlling digital IO signals.

The LucidControl DO4 USB Digital Output Module is capable of creating up to 4 logic signals and to handle up to 4 power loads. It is available in three different options consisting of different types of switches like Solid State Relays, mechanical Relays and Open Collector outputs.

Additionally, the USB Digital Output Module offers timer functions and it is ready to create pulse-width-modulated output signals which allow to regulate the power of loads or actuators.

The LucidControl DI4 USB Digital Input Module on the other hand is the counterpart of the output module, offering up to 4 digital inputs.

Digital IO lines have only two states, a logic “1” or a logic “0” while the logic “0” is mostly identical with 0V, the voltage level of a logic “1” varies depending on the used technique.

Features of the USB Digital IO Module

Insulated Digital Input
A high protection level is highly recommended when a DIO is employed. Since the hardware controlling the digital input output system must not be damaged by a failure on the IO signals (e.g. by an over voltage), a optical insulation should be considered. This insulation “decouples” the signals from the computer system e.g. by utilizing photo-transistors shown in the picture.

For some projects the used threshold level can be defined. Common values as 5V, 10V and of course 24V, which is in general used in the automation industry.

The USB Digital Input Module supports all three threshold values and additionally provides the very high isolation and protection level described above.

The states of the USB Digital IO Modules are indicated by LEDs which helps to observe the control of a system and which is also beneficial when an error must be found quickly.

When the USB Digital IO Modules are used in combination, they work together hand in hand and are an effective USB DIO solution.

The LucidControl DO4 – USB Digital Output Module together with the DI4 – USB Digital Input Module gives you a highly reliable, safe and of course reasonable priced USB Digital IO solution for various purposes starting at do- it-yourself projects and ending at industrial automation.