LucidIoT Network I/O Module for Analog and Digital IO
LucidIoT Secure IoT Network I/O Module
  • 16 analog and digital IO channels
  • SSL/TLS secured
  • Data logging function
  • Compatible with LucidControl software
  • DIN-Rail enclosure
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  • Multi-Protocol
USB Analog and Digital IO Modules

LucidControl USB IO Modules

  • Data acquisition and control
  • Cost effective and flexible
  • Platform independent
  • Windows® and Linux
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi
  • Clippable on DIN-Rail
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  • Industrial & home automation
LucidControl USB Digital I/O - Input Output Module

USB Digital Input Output Module

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LucidControl Product Series

  • 4 insulated digital input channels
  • Counters, filters, edge detectors
  • Pulse width modulation and timers
  • 4 solid-state-relay output channels
USB Digital Input Module

USB Digital Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4 / 8 digital input channels
  • For 5V, 10V and 24V signals
  • Opto insulated contacts
  • Counters and edge detectors
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USB Digital Output Module

USB Digital Output Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • Opto insulated option
  • 4 / 8 digital output channels
  • Relay module option
  • Pulse width modulation and timers
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  • Switching and power control
USB RTD Input Module Pt100, Pt1000

USB Analog Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • Measurement range options
  • 4 / 8 analog input channels
  • e.g. 0-10 V or 0-20mA
  • 14 bit resolution
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  • Acquisition of sensor signals
USB Analog Output Module

USB Analog Output Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4 analog output channels
  • Output range options
  • e.g. 0 - 10 V or 4 - 20 mA
  • 12 bit resolution
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  • 4 - 20 mA current interfaces
USB RTD Input Module Pt100, Pt1000

USB RTD Input Module

LucidControl Product Series

  • 4 / 8 Pt1000 / Pt100 RTD channels
  • Temperature range: +/- 180 °C, 360 °C
  • 0.1 °C resolution
  • Heat control applications
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  • Logging of temperatures

USB Analog Input Output Module

LucidControl Analog Input and Analog Output Modules

LucidControl USB Analog Input Modules and Analog Output Modules can acquire (Input, ADC) or generate (output, DAC) analog signals like currents or voltages. To the analog input output module group belong the USB Analog Input Module (ADC) and the USB Analog Output Module (DAC).

The USB Analog Input Output Modules can measure or output 4 voltage or current channels.

USB Analog Input Output Modules are available for various value ranges. Voltage inputs and outputs are 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-24, current inputs and outputs 0-20mA and 4-20mA.

Positive and negative value ranges are available for some of the value ranges of the USB Analog Input Output Modules.

LucidControl Analog IO Modules

The LucidControl USB Analog IO Module is a member of the industry proven LucidControl product series. LucidControl acquires and control analog IO and digital IO signals by the USB interface.

The USB Analog IO Module can be mounted on a DIN-Rail which makes it ideal for industrial automation. The plug-able IO terminals supports you since you do can fit the signal lines to the IO terminals before they are plugged in and you do not have to fit cables to the USB Analog IO Module directly.

The USB Analog IO Module works out of the box once it is connected to the computer. There is no need of a power supply since the modules are power supplied by the host computer via USB. Drivers are also not needed because USB Analog IO Modules use operating system inherent device drivers.

Beside of personal computers, the USB Analog IO Module supports also mini computers like the Raspberry Pi. The usability of LucidControl modules is independent of the operating systems, and tools are compatible for all platforms.

We support you with libraries in various different programming languages like .NET, Python and Java. The easy to use LucidIoCtrl command line tool gives you a quick start and allows you to read or write voltages or currents from/to the USB Analog IO Module without any programming.