Pt100 / Pt1000 RTD USB Temperature Measurement Module – 4 Channels



Pt100 / Pt1000 RTD USB Temperature Measurement Module – 4 Channels

Acquisition of 4 Pt100 / Pt1000 temperature sensors

The LucidControl RTD Input USB Temperature Measurement Module captures the resistances of 4 standard Pt100 / Pt1000 temperature sensors and calculates the resulting temperature.

  • Wide range and high precision temperature measurement interface
  • It combines high accuracy of 0.5 °C with a wide temperature range of -180°C to 180°C.

  • Typical application
  • The LucidControl RT4 is ideally suited for industrial and home automation applications where temperatures should be acquired, processed or monitored.

    In combination with other devices of the LucidControl USB IO series, the RT4-PT is able to control energy management systems as they are used in central heatings.

    Together with the DO4 module it can control the power of a heating plate in order to ensure constant temperature.

  • No Power Supply needed
  • All LucidControl are power supplied by USB and do not need additional power supply.

  • Industrial ready Design
  • The housing of LucidControl can be directly mounted on Din-rails ready for switch board assembly.
    Using industrial standard IO connectors ensures reliable interconnection.

  • Easy installation
  • LucidControl modules are easy to install and start working immediately after set up.

  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Beagle Bone

  • Drivers and Software
  • LucidControl provides drivers for all major operating systems. Command line tools and APIs for Windows and Linux are available.

Factsheet of LucidControl data acquisition and control modules

LucidControl product series combines many advantages and change a computer into a data acquisition and control system.

Highlights Modular IO data acquisition and control system
Processing of various analog and digital signals
No power supply needed
Most simple installation
Consistent and easy usage for the whole series
Applications Building services
Control engineering
Home automation, smart home
Energy management
Logging and Monitoring
Camping and hobby
Portability Platform independent
Works with Windows® and Linux
Compatible with popular Raspberry Pi®
API for Java®, dotNET and Python
Services Web applications
Internet remote access
Smartphone access
DIN-rail mountable
Switchboard assembly
Reliable Connectors
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Short Description

Acquisition of 4 RTD channels by USB

  • 4 PT100 / Pt1000 RTD inputs

  • Measurement range from -180 °C to +180°C

  • 0.1 °C resolution

  • Heat control applications

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50 x 80 mm


100 g


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