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Shipping costs are relevant, especially for reasonable priced products like our LucidControl USB IO modules. Because of this, we decided to reduce the freight costs in our online shop to a minimum.

From now on, shipping to European countries is as low as € 12.50. For countries outside of Europe we will charge not more than € 18.50 including packing and freight.

More information about the expected delivery times can be found on our frequently asked questions page. If you have some special shipping requirements please contact us in advance.

LucidControl AO4 – DAC Analog Output USB Modules available now

LucidControl Analog Output USB Module with 4 analog outputs

LucidControl DAC Analog Output USB Module

Today, we extended the modular LucidControl product series by the AO4 – USB Analog Output Module.

The new USB powered devices generate 4 independent analog voltages and are available in two options with 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V outputs.

The DIN Rail mountable DAC devices come with an accuracy of 0.25% and a high precision resolution of 12 bit. They are best suited to generate 0 to 10 V interfaces as they are wide-spread in automation and building sector.

The Analog Output USB Devices are the perfect solution for home automation and factory floor automation applications where e.g. the flow through pumps or the power of central heating units should be controlled by a voltage output.

Together with the AI4 Analog Input Module which measures and processes analog input signals, the Digital Input Modules and Digital Output Modules LucidControl provides a complete solution for analog and digital data acquisition, data monitoring and control tasks.

By default all voltage output sources share a common ground with the host computer. By combining two of the four channels to one it is possible to create up to two floating output voltages per module without having a common ground line.

If negative voltages are needed for a specific purpose, the LucidControl AO4-12S Analog Output Module is able to generate voltages from -12V to +12V. In combination with the floating output principle this module is able to provide two voltage lines of -24V to +24V.

Click here for an overview of the versatile LucidControl USB IO Modules – the unique and simple to use solution for most automation projects.

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